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What products are available at Mama’s Life?

We sell premium, high-quality, all natural health and beauty aids. This includes natural raw and scented Shea body butter, black soaps, lip-balms, perfumed oils, shampoos and deodorant.

What is the price range of products on this site?

Mama’s Life natural health and beauty products are reasonably/competitively priced. Everything is priced between $7 and $20

What are some of the natural ingredients used in your beauty products?

We use raw Shea butter, organic coconut oil, grapefruit lavender seed extract, rosemary, orange and lavender essential oils. As pure as nature intended.

What exactly IS Shea butter?

The Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) is a tree species common to West Africa. Shea butter is edible triglyceride extracted from Shea tree nuts. It’s one of those “healthy” fats you might’ve heard about.

What deals are offered on your line of beauty products?

We are a small, family operation. However, we still believe we can offer value to our customer. We offer Free Shipping on all Orders over $100.

How are your Shea butters different?

We promise a premium product, with a refined production process derived from years of experience.

Where do you deliver?

We accommodate all our customer needs throughout the US and Canada (Hawaii excepted).

Where is Mama’s Life?

We’re in Toronto, Canada – Scarborough, to be exact, which is in the eastern part of the city, in Southern Ontario.

Where can I find Mama’s Life products in Toronto?

We’re currently in Health food stores in the Greater Toronto Area, including Noah’s Natural Foods, The Big Carrot, Healthy Planet,Today Natural Solutions (TNS),  The Wholesome Market, and others. You can also buy all of our products online.

Who’s behind Mama’s Life?

I’m Ahmed Bawah. I founded the company in 2007. I earned an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Engineering Technology from Toronto’s Centennial College and have a background in analytical chemistry and microbiology. I gradually honed my small-scale distillation production process, over time, becoming more and more familiar with how Shea butter manufacturing works and making connections in West Africa where the Shea tree grows. It’s an ongoing progression, with lots to learn, but I feel we’ve achieved the optimal process to ensure consumer satisfaction and confidence at Mama’s Life. Come see for yourself!

How can I keep in touch?

You can contact us here, and be sure to follow the latest developments on Instagram!